Chocolate Ice Bean

chocolateicebeanGiven a choice between a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty and Chocolate Ice Bean, I’d take this smoothie every single time.

I’m tired of feeding my taste buds while ignoring the nutritional cravings of the rest of my body.  This concoction, taken from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s The End of Dieting, is bursting with antioxidants. I’m probably imagining this, but when I drink it down I feel satisfied on a much deeper level than after slurping down a chemical-infused ice cream treat.

Not everybody in the family was as smitten as I was. Bob and Cassie were fans; Ben and Colleen were dubious, overly aware that the ingredients include black beans. (Rowan missed out, as she was at work during the taste test.)

The Recipe

2 ripe bananas, frozen

1/2 cup raw cashews

3/4 cup canned black beans, drained

3 T. natural cocoa powder (We used Hershey’s Special Dark, though)

10 pitted dates (or 5 Medjool dates)

1/2 t. vanilla

1 cup almond milk

Process all ingredients in blender, pour in Tupperware and freeze until firm. (We couldn’t wait that long, however. I think it tastes fine right out of the blender, like a smoothie.) Serves 4. (254 calories per serving.)

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1 Response to Chocolate Ice Bean

  1. triathlonobsession says:

    Well, this looks very interesting. At first I winced at the thought of black beans in a smoothie but based on your word, I’m willing to try this. Thanks!

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