What happened to the Fulton Street hookers?

I know this doesn’t make much difference mileage-wise, but just to shake up my routine I decided to park a couple of blocks away from the office Tuesday to get a bit of that “walking to work” vibe.

It did wonders for my mindset to walk along an actual street as the sun was coming up rather than pulling into the same old depressing parking lot. But it wasn’t until I’d gone a block or so that I realized something was missing: Where were the hookers?

People griped about building a baseball stadium downtown, but it's really transformed the city.

People griped about building a baseball stadium downtown, but it’s really transformed the city.

I’ve been using Fulton Street as an early morning shortcut to work for years, and it used to be routine to pass by young men getting picked up or dropped off on street corners. (Can men be hookers? Guess I’m not sure on my terminology there. But the prostitutes that used to work  Fulton Street just west of downtown Fort Wayne were almost invariably male, as were their customers.)

Now that I think about it, it’s probably been a couple of years – maybe even five – since I’ve noticed any sex trafficking there. I guess maybe that’s a sign that downtown really has gotten an upgrade since the TinCaps baseball stadium and all the surrounding infrastructure came in. Bulldozing a couple of blocks of low-rent housing recently to make room for a new financial building probably didn’t hurt, either.

All I know is, I felt completely safe and at ease walking down Fulton Street at dawn. The only other person I encountered was a fellow coffee-toting pedestrian commuter headed toward downtown.

Naturally, my husband nearly blew a gasket when I ran my “downtown development” theory by him.

“You shouldn’t be walking there at that time of day,” he said. “People have been shot to death walking down Broadway (a block away) at 7 a.m.”

Sigh. I couldn’t really dispute his point. Dealing with crime stories is part of his job.

Still … I can’t shake the feeling of how good it felt leaving the office, knowing I had a little walk preprogrammed into my exit instead of the usual trudge past the employee smokers’ hangout. And then, instead of hopping in the car and zooming off to the next segment of the day, I walked over to the Salvation Army to drop some clothes off and then hit the library for some magazines I’ve been wanting to sample.

It didn’t add much to my low-carb commuting miles, nor subtract much from my driving total. But it was enough to brighten my day just a bit.

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4 Responses to What happened to the Fulton Street hookers?

  1. Good question. I used to see guys cruise up and down Pearl and Fulton. In the years I”ve been riding home at 1 a.m. (which began long before going car free), I haven’t seen a single cruiser. I generally feel safe at 1, you should feel safe at dawn. Good luck in the low-carb miles endeavor.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Thanks for the re-enforcement on that. I probably should question Bob more on that Broadway shooting; it was probably down near Broadway Joe’s Tavern or something, which isn’t in the same neighborhood at all.

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