Low-carb commuting miles for May

That’s low-carb as in carbon, not carbohydrates. After accumulating totals in the very low single digits the first four months of the year, I finally came up with 41 miles of biking or walking that replaced driving for the month of May.

Most of that was done on the bike, scouting out a possible route to work, while I walked 2 miles on two trips from the office to the downtown library and back.

Our Chevy Aveo gets close to 40 mpg, but my antique Peugeot burns calories instead of oil.

Our Chevy Aveo gets close to 40 mpg, but my antique Peugeot burns calories instead of oil.

As I wrote last week, a dinner-table discussion on a new name for this project* yielded a suggestion from the guys in the family that I start logging how many miles I drive each month for comparison purposes. This could be scary. Already in the first two days of June I’ve driven 132 miles vs. only 1 LCC mile (another walk to the library after work on Monday.)

Even worse, 12 miles of Monday’s total was driving to and from a run. I’ve been trying to plan better to avoid doing that as much as I used to, but in this case I was meeting my sister for our first run together since New Year’s Day. It was so nice to have somebody to run with again that I don’t feel bad about that at all.

At some point I’ll pick up some bike lights and figure out how early I’d have to leave to ride at least part of the way to work. I remember from the days when I used to meet some friends for an occasional pre-work run how energized that made me feel — way better than coffee — so I’m really looking forward to figuring out a way to make this happen.

*The other title I was considering was Human Motor Miles, after a local triathlon store called Human Motor Works. I still like that name (as does Colleen), but to me that’s a better fit for total workout miles rather than miles logged specifically commuting. 


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2 Responses to Low-carb commuting miles for May

  1. Sandra says:

    Are you familiar with Bike v. Car’s blog? :-).
    Also, i saw a meme the other day that read “ride to the ride”! Kinda hit me like a ton of bricks. But when i live 7 miles away and the ride is 20-25 miles, and the farthest i have ever ridden is 28, that is a little bit of a stretch for me, right now anyway!

    • tischcaylor says:

      No, but I do like car-free, meat-free runner. I’ll have to check that one out. We live at least a few miles from everywhere (except the kids’ school), so our driving mileage is atrocious.

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