My new ‘Big Mac’


An egg white sub loaded with veggies (but no meat or cheese) is a real gut buster with more fiber than fat.

I officially edited Big Macs out of my diet back in November 2011 (along with all other fast-food sandwiches with “He-Man”-style names like Whopper and Quarter Pounder.)

“As a former tom boy, I can appreciate the urge to enjoy equal eating rights,” I wrote in that post. “If I want to order the biggest burger in the joint, I don’t want anybody telling me the Big Mac is only for male truck drivers. But as I’ve grown increasingly aware of my petite female frame, I find that I feel queasy ordering guy-themed gut-busters.”

That being said, there are times when I feel really, really HUNGRY. So when that happens now, I pick up an egg white Subway sub with no meat or cheese but loaded up with veggies and 5-calorie fiery Buffalo sauce. A 6-inch on whole wheat — which is plenty 98 percent of the time — is 340 calories with more fiber than fat (5 vs. 4.5), 17 grams of protein and 43 non-veggie carbs.

That sure beats a Big Mac’s 550 calories and 29 fat grams or the QPBw/c’s 520 calories and 26 fat grams. Also, because it’s technically a breakfast sandwich you can usually get it plus a drink as part of the $3 breakfast special (no matter what time of day).

Every great once in a while I’ll kill off the urge to pair it with a cookie by opting for the foot-long. The double sandwich is 100 or so more calories than a 6-inch and a cookie, but it’s so enormous and filling — with such superior nutrition — that there’s no way I go away feeling needy after that.




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2 Responses to My new ‘Big Mac’

  1. Looks good and filling! I love a big sandwich or just a big meal! I can definitely work an appetite, a side salad and half a sandwich does nothing for me.
    What I don’t like about Big Macs and other sandwiches of the sort is the unhealthy fats and fake ingredients.

    • tischcaylor says:

      I can’t believe how much fake food I used to eat. Real food tastes so much better and I love that I usually get to have more of it. (I always think I’ll train myself to eat smaller portions but that never happens!)

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