Cool pool a fitness multi-tasker’s dream

The view from the slide at the Jorgensen YMCA's new pool in southwest Fort Wayne.

The view from the slide at the new outdoor pool at the Jorgensen YMCA in southwest Fort Wayne.

You gotta love it when your kids’ new favorite place to swim just happens to be your favorite place to work out.

The girls already loved going to the Jorgensen YMCA because it’s got so many kid-friendly options, including a climbing wall and game room. But the new outdoor pool – with a zip line, vortex, and surprisingly fast slide – is even more fun.

When we went over the weekend, the indoor pool was practically deserted, so we swam a few laps inside before venturing out in the sun to play. I love the idea of combining a “pool day” experience with fitness-center options for family members who’d rather work out than lay out.

Best of all, because we hadn’t paid a big admission fee – our metro  membership gives us access to all six YMCAs in the Fort Wayne area – we didn’t feel compelled to stay all day to get our money’s worth.

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1 Response to Cool pool a fitness multi-tasker’s dream

  1. That pool looks AMAZING! I too love combining fitness with family time.

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