Annexing new running territory

Here's an image of the jogging path I tried out on Monday, as provided by Google Earth.

Here’s an image of the jogging path I tried out on Monday, as provided by Google Earth.

I’ve got three basic routes I run near our home another three near Bluffton and Oubache State Park I run with my sister (who HOPEFULLY will find time to start running again soon). But when I run in Fort Wayne after work it’s almost always been indoors at a YMCA.

Now that spring appears to finally be sticking around (never mind last night’s frost), I’m determined to start investigating the nearly 70 miles of trails in the Fort Wayne metro area. On Monday I figured I’d start by running the 10K version of the Trailblazer 5K the kids and I ran last fall. This seemed exceptionally convenient because I can stop at the Jorgensen Y to change into my running clothes after work and hop right on the trail.

I ‘d done the  5K route on Saturday while I was out doing some last-minute Easter shopping, and I was reminded how beautiful and rural it was despite being tucked into what’s now a fairly populous suburb. But as I drove the 10K route on the way to the Y, I was surprised to discover that part of the course was nothing more than a sidewalk that winds its way through a subdivision. Even worse, there are a couple of tricky turns that could wind up getting you hopelessly lost inside cul-de-sac city.

In the end, I opted for 5 miles of speed work on the jogging path that encircles the Y and a nearby middle school. Turns out it’s only 1.2 miles long, but the quarter miles are well marked, which makes it nice for doing intervals. In a lot of ways it’s like the Ossian trail I frequent, only twistier and with a handy-dandy drinking fountain just a few feet off the path in a stunningly elaborate playground.

This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I imagined exploring the Fort Wayne trails system, but I’m glad to add this course to my list of workout options.

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  1. A nice new route is always a good thing!

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