A kid’s point of view: comfy shoes + no more cast!

nikesMy new Nike Pegasus 30 shoes are awesome!!! I didn’t realize how bad my old Adizeros were until I tried good shoes on. My Pegasus are the best shoes I’ve ever had!! They have AMAZING cushion and support.

I also found out that my gait is more or less straight, which is good.

In other news I got my cast off on Thursday!!! When the nurse got done with the saw, I ran over to the sink to wash my arm off. You are very lucky you weren’t there because my skin was peeling. It was so gross! It was like my arm had dandruff, but worse!


Getting my cast cut off!

My hand felt floppy out of the cast. The doctor said it was because I haven’t used those muscles in like a month. I have to wear a splint for 2 weeks, but at least I get to take it off when I take a shower.

After we were done the doctor told us about a race he ran this winter when it was below zero. Would you believe he ran in snow shoes? He said the snow was so deep he felt like a snow plow!

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1 Response to A kid’s point of view: comfy shoes + no more cast!

  1. Yey to taking your cast off! Must be awesome to be able to use your hand again!

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