A mile’s worth of yard work: Sustainability project update

So I got to practically the end of March before I realized I didn’t have any sustainability miles for the month. Not wanting to record a big fat ZERO — but also not wanting to haul out the bike and freeze my butt off riding into town for a loaf of bread we didn’t need — I strapped on Ben’s GPS watch and walked a mile in the back yard picking up sticks and tree limbs.

I just love this image on the 30-day bike challenge website.

I just love this image on the 30-day bike challenge website.

The idea was just to keep this project alive, you see. Yes, the first quarter of 2014 has been a total bust, with just .8 miles in January, 1.6 in February and 1 mile in March. The up side is, I’m still tracking these figures, which means I haven’t given up. And now that winter’s over (I hope), ideally I’ll get inspired to find more ways to replace an oil-burning errand with a calorie-burning one instead.

That really was the case with Friday’s yard work, by the way. It was so windy I’d thought about driving over to the state park for a walk or short run (my legs were dead), but then I thought, why drive over there to get in some token exercise when I could get in a mile doing yard work here at home?

One thing that could help is the 30-day bike challenge, which I was reminded of by Car-Free, Meat-Free Runner. I’m not going to sign up for this because I’m not sure I can commit to it right now, but I like knowing it’s going on. I should also note that CFMF Runner was where I first heard of Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra, which continues to prove to be a great read.

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