Obsessing about how running can ‘balance’ your life

I’ve never seen an actual issue of Women’s Running magazine, but I like its mission statement about catering to “smart, successful women who use running to balance and enrich their lives.”

I think every runner feels like running enriches his or her life, but as for balance … well, we tend to be an obsessive lot, aren’t we?

After my first marathon last month, I immediately started thinking about which one I’d do next. I mean, the training is hard work, as is carving out the time for said training, but it’s such a meaningful challenge that I’d probably do one every couple of months if I could fit it in our family’s schedule and budget. (Almost every one I’m aware of is far enough away I’d need to factor in gas and hotel costs in addition to the entry fee, which tends to be 2-4  times the cost of your average 5K.)

So … I’m going to let today’s deadline for both the Toledo and Lansing marathons pass, and aim for one in the fall before December’s Huff 50K. (The one in Detroit, where you cross over into Canada and back, seems particularly appealing as I’ve been intrigued by the demise/possible reinvention of the Motor City.)

In the meantime, I’m going to try not to let my weekly mileage dip below 30 and keep experimenting with the Galloway run/walk time trials to see if I can bring my time down next time around.

And I’m going to continue to meditate on this worthwhile question of how running can help “balance” my life. …

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1 Response to Obsessing about how running can ‘balance’ your life

  1. I actually used the word balance on a conversation with my husband the other day. I was saying how I found my balance with running, and also how I found the right balance between running/work/family… he didn’t quite agree with me though. 🙂

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