A kid’s point of view: Box jumps broke my wrist!

By Colleen, age 11

I HATE box jumps! I now have a broken wrist because of box jumps. And it’s all my brother’s fault!

At the doctor's office ...

At the doctor’s office …

We were doing a workout Saturday night before our last weigh-in. Ben was setting up our circuit workout, and he said we should do box jumps first. The boxes were too tall. I didn’t want to do it, and I protested, but Ben said I had to. Well, I fell and tried to break my fall with my hand, but I broke my wrist instead.

Nobody knew it was broken at the time. It really hurt, but Ben said I was faking it. Even Mom and Aunt Traci said it was probably just a minor sprain. But I don’t blame them because it didn’t look too bad on Saturday or Sunday.

On Monday I showed Mom a bruise on my arm, but she just thought it was a bruise. But then on Tuesday when I came home from school I showed her my arm again, and this time it was bruised all the way around and all swollen. She took me to Redimed, where we had to wait like two hours. Finally they took an X-ray and said my wrist was broken in two places.

For now I have my wrist in a splint. Mom couldn’t get me an appointment to get the cast put on until Monday. The good thing is, it happened to my right wrist but I’m left-handed. The bad thing is I’m probably going to miss some of softball season.

I’m still going to work out, but I won’t be doing any box jumps any time soon!

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2 Responses to A kid’s point of view: Box jumps broke my wrist!

  1. Oh no! That sounds so painful. 😦

  2. Gpa says:

    You must have a tolerance for pain!! Hope it goes well. I’ll bet you will be ready for softball. I’ll hit you some grounders.

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