66.5 pounds vaporized in contest

We lost a total of 66.5 pounds in our 6-week family weight-loss contest – an average of 8.3 pounds per person or 16.6 pounds per two-person team.

In the team competition,  Colleen and I just barely edged Ben and Mason, 20.5 pounds to 20.0 pounds. Traci and Grandpa lost 17.5 pounds, while Brent and Madison lost 14.5 pounds.

Individually, Colleen was the top loser with a 13.0 pound loss. Traci lost 11.5 pounds and Ben lost 11.0 pounds.

Since we didn’t award a prize – or even have a chance for a final celebration, given various schedule conflicts this past weekend – the focus wasn’t so much on who won but how great everybody feels about being a little lighter.

We’d  teased Grandpa, the instigator of this contest, for lagging behind his more aggressive teammate all six weeks, but he said he was thrilled with  his 6-pound loss because it took him from 4 pounds over his self-imposed weight limit to 2 pounds inside his “comfort zone.”

“I feel great about it,” he said. “This is right where I wanted to be.”

So where do we go from here? My guess is we’ll do another contest of some sort in a few weeks, only maybe next time it will have more of a fitness focus.

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