Pickle pizza?

DSC_0006OK, so we got the idea from Papa John’s, and technically it’s a cheeseburger pizza with pickles on it. I wanted to use our thin-cut homemade dills, but Ben insisted on Vlasic Zesty Bread & Butter Chips.

It didn’t taste as weird as you might think. The pickles added some zip, not unlike jalepenos, which made it easier to go lighter on the cheese without anybody grumbling too much. Next time I get to choose the pickles, though.


Yes, that’s ketchup.

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4 Responses to Pickle pizza?

  1. It’s a go for me! I love pickles.

  2. Oh man, I don’t know about this one for me – which is funny since I’m supposed to be craving pickles and ice cream, lol.

  3. Initially this sounds gross. But in the context of a cheese burger,it doesn’t sound so bad. Do you use tomato sauce of ketchup?

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