2nd life for artisan lettuce


We had the lettuce off these plants for salads weeks ago, but they’re now regenerating enough leaves for sandwiches.

I don’t really know anything about plants, but the lettuces that come in our Green Bean Delivery bin keep arriving with the plant still tucked into a small bit of soil. We cut off what we intended to eat, and then, just for kicks, put the rest of the plant in a jar of water. Sure enough, it grew some more leaves.

Not enough, thus far, to make a giant salad. But it’s extremely cool, 2-3 weeks after you thought you were done with your salad, to harvest enough fresh leaves for a sandwich or wrap. Needless to say, this is quickly becoming standard operating procedure around our house.

Our little fireplace nursery is usually home to at least two plants at a time now. Next up: Figuring out if we can replant these outside (assuming spring ever comes).

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2 Responses to 2nd life for artisan lettuce

  1. Good idea! Being able to grow our own vegetables would be so awesome.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    From what I’ve read, you can “regrow” celery by putting the leafy tops in water, Might try that next… it’s nice to turn “single use” veggies into longer lasting foods.

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