Taper trouble

I think maybe I was due for a crappy run on Tuesday, after overdoing it on Monday with an ill-advised speed workout and then following that up with my first really aggravating snow shoveling session of this endless deep freeze of a winter.

Forgot to take a pic while we were at the Huntington YMCA, so this is from their website. You can kind of see the track above the gym.

Forgot to take a pic while we were at the Huntington YMCA, so this is from their website. You can kind of see the track above the gym.

The enormous heaps of snow at the end of our driveway apparently made too narrow a gorge for a delivery truck to get through, and getting too gnarled and frozen for easy scooping, so I had to attack them with the sharp edge of the shovel first, then scoop up the giant chunks of debris. The process was vaguely satisfying in a “John Henry” kind of a way but exhausting, and left me feeling tight and sore on Tuesday when Colleen and I went off in search of a substitute YMCA after our local branch closed “indefinitely” due to furnace failure.

The Huntington YMCA was really pretty nice for a small town operation, with an 11-laps-per-mile track above a decent-sized fitness facility and two basketball courts. There’s a pool and a couple of rooms for yoga classes and so forth. Weirdly, it’s slightly closer than either the Jorgensen Y  or the Central Fort Wayne branch, both of which I use on work days, but it’s not part of our “metro” membership package so we’d never been there before.

It would be great if Bluffton’s new Y, currently under construction, comes up with enough funding to put in a track, though I hear that’s now doubtful since Franklin Electric left town and pulled its donation. If so, they really ought to bank the turns. Huntington’s are flat as pancakes, which was annoying, but then you can’t gripe about a Y that’s offering up its services to hard-luck cases from the next county over.

So anyway, about the tapering:  It felt so good to go faster during a 3-mile treadmill session on Sunday, after Friday’s 18-miler, that I thought it would be fun on Monday to do some speedwork. So I did laps on the short track at the Central Y and broke those up with 1-mile treadmill runs, mixing up faster segments on both with recovery jogs.  Then I read Tuesday that you should NEVER do speed work during the tapering process, that you need to just focus on letting your muscles recover, blah blah blah.

It was pretty uninspiring reading, and I need to feel inspired when I run. Between my subpar mental state and my subpar physical state – not to mention those irritating unbanked turns, and the fact that I usually run much earlier in the day  – I was feeling less thrilled with each lap. I stopped at 3 miles, wishing I’d just gone to a yoga class instead.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m being negative here. I think it was just one of those days. I’m not going to let it affect my outlook for the marathon, since the primary constructive thing I did read about tapering was that you can’t really undo your fitness level in just two weeks.

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4 Responses to Taper trouble

  1. I think it might be a rule in marathon training (or tri for that matter) that you must have a totally crap run that nearly psyches you out right before the big day—-chalk it up to a mental strength day for the race! (trust me–I’ve had many–‘oh, god I’m never gonna make it’ days!) You’re gonna do awesome Tanya—I’m impressed!!!

  2. Don’t even think about what happened and move on. You still have time until your marathon, you need to rest. You may not want to, but it’ll pay off during your race, so just think about that.

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