Pig virus strikes weight-loss teams

Sunday was the first weigh-in for our family weight-loss contest. All eight contestants lost weight  – and then promptly switched into pigout mode. Ben and my nephew Mason, whose two-person team is currently tied for the lead with Colleen and I at 5.5 pounds lost – led the charge, gobbling pizza and chocolate chip cookies and guzzling ice tea.

scale“I’m up 3 ½ pounds since I weighed in!” an amused Mason reported when his mom and sisters arrived after volleyball practice.

I feel somewhat to blame for this silliness. Apparently I’ve infected my kids and perhaps some other family members with my longtime habit of following up weigh-ins with indulgent eating.

It’s an understandable impulse, and it doesn’t really hurt anything, I suppose, as long as you shift back into disciplined eating the rest of the week. Trouble is, unlike author Tim Ferriss, who infected me with his enthusiasm for “cheat day” in his book The 4-Hour Body, it sometimes takes me a few days to revert back.

I’ve been trying to shift out of this deadline-based mentality into a more regular diet. I’ve also been thinking about trying to eat more responsibly around others who are prone to overeating, lest I inadvertently infect them with my behavior. The pigout meme is particularly virulent during Sunday dinners at my parents’ house. Sometimes it seems like all it takes is one person letting their guard down, and next thing you know everybody’s digging into the chip dip or M&Ms bowl.

On Sunday I was determined to eat responsibly – only to get re-infected with the very pig virus that I originally infected my kids with!  I hope to do better next week. In the meantime, here are our Week 1 results:

Ben and Mason – 5.5 pounds lost total

Colleen and I – 5.5 pounds (she  gets credit for 4 of them)

Traci and Grandpa – 4.5 pounds

Brent and Madison – 1.5 pounds

We finally settled on a 6-week time frame for this contest, but have yet to come up with a prize. Any ideas?

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7 Responses to Pig virus strikes weight-loss teams

  1. Congrats on your weight loss! Nice that your family is on board with you with eTing healthy and losing weight.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Anything but food for the prize… I think cheat days work for certain people with certain personalities and that’s why they gained traction. I can cheat with “what” but not “how much” but I have to be careful.

    The problem with “pigging out” or how much is that you never give your body the chance to get used to “less” or often in our case, “normal”.

    When I cut back intake in 2002 (ish) I was hungry all of the time… For two weeks, maybe three. Then I got used to the new normal and I found I could maintain jut fine with less food.

    Make sense?

    I look at it this way, if I can stick to one serving size for a snack, like 12 m&m’s without slipping into pig out mode, I can have the snack (Oreos are a No). Chewy Sprees? I can stick to 7-10 pieces and then put the bag down. Now, this fits my “food personality” – others aren’t so lucky and have to stay off of everything.

  3. tischcaylor says:

    Interesting idea about figuring out and training your “food personality.” I always built in too many escape hatches because I feared I couldn’t stick to anything that smacked of too much discipline, but now I think I could finally stand to benefit from being a little tougher,

  4. Andrew says:

    Congratulations!!! Great to hear you are doing this together with your family! It is probably the best way to handle this hall process.

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