Bacon blue cheese Brussels sprouts

Ben's Brussels sprouts with bacon and blue cheese

Ben’s Brussels sprouts with bacon and blue cheese

My son Ben made this yummy dish, inspired by a former News-Sentinel designer with culinary school experience, a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been calling my name ever since. I thought it would make a tasty snow day treat, but when I stopped off at the grocery ahead of the latest blizzard, I realized I couldn’t buy Brussels sprouts in good conscience, knowing that a Green Bean Delivery bin would be waiting on my doorstep.

And the same recipe, made with broccoli and brocolette. (Not sure what that is, but it was in our Green Bean Delivery bin.)

And the same recipe, made with broccoli and brocolette. (Not sure what that is, but it was in our Green Bean Delivery bin.)

So I got bacon and blue cheese, and Ben made Wednesday’s batch with fresh broccoli instead. It definitely hit the spot, especially considering I’d just spent an hour shoveling snow. Of the two I’d say I still prefer the Brussels sprouts, but the broccoli is nice, too.

Here’s the recipe, straight from our old friend Drew Walker, who was nice enough to share after repeated requests from his Facebook admirers:

"Chef Walker"

Here’s Drew, no doubt thinking up his latest culinary conquest…

“I guess I can show everyone some sprout love. …

1lb sprouts
1 small diced onion
4-6 stripes of bacon
Handful of blue cheese
1/4 cup of stock (to deglaze pan before you add sprouts to onions)
Salt, pepper TT

“Rinse sprouts, them boil them for 8 minutes. While boiling, in a large pan cook bacon. Remove bacon from pan, place on  paper towel. Remove sprouts, drain and cool in fridge. In the bacon pan, leave about 3 tablespoons of fat. Cook diced onion until translucent. When sprouts are cooled cut sprouts in half, then add to onions. Heat thoroughly, crumble bacon over mixture. Add blue cheese crumbles, season to taste and serve.

Enjoy, Chef Walker”




Ben’s been doing a lot of our cooking lately. Here he is serving up his special sausage gravy and made-from-scratch biscuits at Grandma and Grandpa’s house one recent Sunday.


Grandma Linda doesn’t mind Ben taking over some of the Sunday dinner cooking chores these days — especially because that means she doesn’t have to be the last one through the line! (This meal was the first one I can remember where Mom consented to get her plate before every person on the premises had filled theirs. Apparently she believes “the cook eats last” is a tradition on equal footing with “the captain goes down with the ship.” You’ll notice in the previous photo that Ben does not share her opinion on this.)

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2 Responses to Bacon blue cheese Brussels sprouts

  1. This sounds delicious, and I’m only a pack of bacon away from it. Very tempting! Thanks for sharing

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