Janathon wrapup

janathon-participant-logoMy Janathon experience wasn’t quite as freespirited and diverse as I’d hoped, in part because of the weather but mostly because just a few days into the month I discovered I’d been accepted into an indoor marathon. Shifting into training mode meant that running naturally dominated my workouts for the month.

Still, it was fun to see that I wound up with more variety than I realized – 12 different types of workouts in all.

Below is a summary of my workout data, followed by the twitter record of daily activity.

My niece Monroe demonstrates the heavy ropes workout that my son Ben uses in his baseball conditioning.

My niece Monroe demonstrates the heavy ropes workout that my son Ben uses in his baseball conditioning.

Activities/workouts: running, elliptical (onceJ), heavy ropes (twice), snow shoveling (7 times), walking (twice, both times at O’Hare), circuit training, fitness bike (four times), swimming (just once L), yoga (just once L), sledding (once), step aerobics (twice), weights (once).

Total miles run: 119 (Indoor track, 49; treadmill, 35.6;  outdoors, 34)

Janathon as depicted on twitter:

Chilly 2-miler wraps up all-outdoors #holidayrunstreak while also kickstarting #Janathon Day 1.

#Janathon Day 2: 45 min snow shoveling. (The way it’s coming down, might need to do another set of this extremely useful workout!)

Yes, it is pretty much like playing "Giddyap horsey," only the ropes are much heavier. It's really hard to keep them going for a full 60 seconds if you're not used to it!

Yes, it is pretty much like playing “Giddy-up Horsey,” only the ropes are much heavier. It’s really hard to keep them going for a full 60 seconds if you’re not used to it!

#janathon Day 3: 1 “set” of snow shoveling, 45 min walk + “heavy ropes.” (Don’t ask!)

Star Wars cereal-box pen ink marks = 48 Y laps = 6 miles in 61 min for #janathon Day 4. Boba Fett? pic.twitter.com/KN3yR9Pqco

Took kids sledding in a blizzard + 2 “sets” of shoveling the driveway (blizzard is winning that one). #janathon Day 5 pic.twitter.com/cAPYqFVeoH

Step aerobics while watching “Miss Marple at Bertram’s Hotel” #janathon Day 6

#Janathon Day 7 Walking at O’Hare, waiting for our daughter Rowan to catch a flight to Spain.

#Janathon day 8: 1st treadmill run in almost a year. Good intentions (1 hour goal ) turns into 36-min (3.6 miles). Oh well…

#Janathon Day 9: Pushing stroller in perpetual wheelie mode puts 1yo niece to sleep — surprising upper body workout pic.twitter.com/5h3KMUIXOc. (Also 30 min. on exercise bike).

#Janathon Day 10: Aerobic step workout during “Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Mystery of the Blue Train.” Learned how to pronounce Hercule.

#Janathon Day 11: 10-mile run in melting slush. Feet soaked from the git-go, but nothing fazes my 16yo #Landsend socks — no blisters.

#Janathon Day 12: After nailing yesterday’s precarious run, nearly turn an ankle on exercise bike today. Go figure…

Dad’s 30yo #running log cures my 1st #marathon jitters. https://90in9.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/first-marathon-in-just-gulp-6-weeks/ … Indoor 7-mile run for #Janathon Day 13. (Also yoga).

#Janathon Day 14: Even a rotten swimmer feels good afterward.

#Janathon Day 15: Does an unfocused, improvised circuit training workout count?

2-mile recovery run after yesterday’s 12-miler (96 Y laps) #janathon #marathon (Days 16-17)

#Janathon catchup, days 18-19-20 = 6-mile speed workout, circuit training + fitness bike, 10-mile run at Y (80 laps)

#Janathon Day 21: 4-mile recovery run on treadmill + snow shoveling + 1 set of “heavy ropes”

#Janathon Day 22: Short track at central #fortwayne YMCA + quick access to cardio room makes 4 great 6-mile speed workout. #marathon

#Janathon Day 24: 2-hour treadmill run while watching “Iron Man 3” (#marathon training makeup for brief walk around O’Hare for Day 23)

#Janathon Day 25: 2 sets of snow shoveling after getting stuck in driveway going to and from work. 4-mile recovery run at Y in between.

#Janathon Day 26: weights/fitness bike, Day 27 4-mile indoor run, Day 28 2-hr. treadmill run, Day 29 7-mile outdoor run (in Yaktrax)

#Janathon wrapup: elliptical on Day 30, celebrated warmer temps on Day 31 with 15-mile #marathon training run

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