Sustainability miles update

So I added up my sustainability miles and discovered that for the month of January I have … less than 1. Eight-tenths of a mile, to be exact. Basically, the only time I’ve walked (or ran or biked) somewhere instead of driving was two trips to the Aunt Millie’s discount bread shop after work.

Obviously the weather has been pretty awful around here lately, so I haven’t taken my bike out to run any errands. I haven’t been inclined to run outside, either, given my upcoming indoor marathon. (Though I might do that in the next day or so as temperatures return to a more normal kind of cold.)

Still, eight-tenths of a mile feels better than a big fat zero. Walking to the bread store is a fairly new habit, and given the weather,  it would’ve been easy to fall back into driving there. Next month I’ll do better.

Thanks to blogger My Running Shorts for making me laugh with the following video …

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