Is my laptop giving me plantar fasciitis?

I like to stand at the computer, at least when I’m working at home. It makes me feel more alert, and ideally I do a bit of stretching in the process, rather than scrunching up my shoulders in “work-station pose” (a stress-inducing, anti-yoga posture for sure).

But lately I’ve developed some heel soreness that I think can be traced to  a tendency to plant most of my weight on my left heel when I’m on the computer. Even worse, I often do this while standing on concrete!

Love these shoes...

Love these shoes…

Naturally this has been a concern, given that I’m training for a marathon. But remembering what the doc told me a decade or so ago when I battled plantar fasciitis in both heels for months, I’ve been very careful lately to slip on Crocs the instant I get out of bed so I’m not walking anywhere barefoot. And that, along with adjusting my computer habits, seems to be helping.

Though I had a little heel soreness on a 7-mile run early last week, I haven’t noticed it much on more recent runs, including yesterday’s 6-mile speed workout. I like to think my Newtons have something to do with that, as well. I am really loving these shoes. They have fantastic shock absorption.

… even if they do leave weird footprints that various Facebook friends have compared to everything from astronaut boots to Sasquatch!

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2 Responses to Is my laptop giving me plantar fasciitis?

  1. My left arch has also been feeling sore.. I try to put the least weight on it when standing still, seating, even driving. As long as it doesn’t get worse…

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