A new year’s wish … and 4 doable goals

Here’s hoping that in 2014 we all do what we can to make a few good things happen rather than dreaming for wishes to come true.

In 2013 my personal distance-based goals evaporated as I wound up focusing on family fitness projects. I thought I was making a sacrifice, but I gained something in the process: Speed. (Well, sort of.  I’m still fairly slow in the grand scheme of things, but at around 9 ½ minutes a mile I’m running faster than ever before, which is saying something when you consider I just turned 49.)

So let’s try this again, and see what 2014 brings …

My sister and I on our 50-mile run/walk in November.

My sister and I on our 50-mile run/walk in November.

1.      A real marathon – Technically, my sister and I completed a DIY marathon as part of our 50-mile run/walk in November. But I want to do it for real this year, which means as part of a race and, ideally, running the whole darn thing. My default option is the Veterans Marathon in November in Columbia City, though I wouldn’t mind finding something earlier in the year.

2.      The Huff 50K — This has been on my to-do list for the last couple of years, but it comes at a busy time of year, typically right after Christmas. On the plus side:  It would add 30 miles to my Holiday Run Streak mileage all in a single day. When I first starting putting this on my “goals” list a couple of years ago, it seemed spooky. After our 50-mile run/walk, it’s no longer as intimidating.

3.      Sustainability mileage project – In 2013 I periodically made a point of running or biking some errands, but this requires some real planning when you live out in the country. I’d like to do this more often in 2014, and I think tracking my cumulative mileage is a good way to make that happen. Ideally I’ll bike at least half the miles, which would have the dual benefit of getting me on the bike more often

4.      More teamwork — This past year I participated in two team triathlon events. In 2014 I’d love to get even more friends and family members organized into teams for both an indoor and outdoor triathlon, along with maybe a relay race.

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3 Responses to A new year’s wish … and 4 doable goals

  1. triathlonobsession says:

    Awesome goals! Go for it! 🙂

  2. MikeR says:

    Good luck on the goals.

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