Digging out (of overindulgence)

So I did basically let myself go the last couple of days after weighing in Monday night, though I didn’t really strap the old feedbag on until last night. Unlike in my fat days, though, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

My strategy now (and one I think might’ve helped me then) is to NOT try to restrict when or how much I eat today. It’s just too hard to switch that switch overnight, or at least it is for me. Instead, I’m going to make my stand on WHAT I EAT. Fruits, veggies, boiled eggs and, because I know it’s going to be hard to completely ignore that “clean up the leftovers” impulse, I’m going to allow access to the diabetic sweet potatoes with pecans.

Experience has shown me that I eat less if I have fewer options. Worst case, if I stick to only those foods, there’s only so much damage I can do.

And as for that Weight Watchers fudge we made Christmas Eve and then forgot about … I’ll save a piece for tomorrow, as a small birthday treat.

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