3 streakers who make me feel like a slacker

From left, Megan Russell, Cynthia Cornwell and Carol Dobis at last week's Ugly Sweater Run.

From left, Megan Russell, Cynthia Cornwell and Carol Dobis at last week’s Ugly Sweater Run.

I was proud of myself for doing an all-outdoors Holiday Run Streak this year, but I felt like a slacker after talking to Carol Dobis, who appears in today’s News-Sentinel column, along with her running buddies Cynthia Cornwell and Megan Russell.

Though Dobis just started running two years ago, she’s already done THREE marathons.

“I started out with a 5K, and then I thought if I could do that, I could do a 10K,” she said. Then she did a mini marathon, “and it’s just kind of increased from there.”

Dobis ran alone until this fall, when she joined a group of “pub runners” who meet at Fleet Feet Sports and end up at Buffalo Wild Wings for a beer afterward. That’s how she met Cornwell and Russell, and though all three compete in different age brackets, they maintain compatible paces and conversations. All three just signed up for a May marathon in Traverse City, Mich., along with a couple of other pub runners, including Fleet Feet owner Kevin Croy. They’ll start training in January, but for now they’re having fun encouraging each other during the run streak.

All three participated in the Gingerbread Run 4-Miler a couple of weeks ago, slogging through 5 inches of snow and THEN going back to find and escort some other runners they’d been mentoring through a Fleet Feet beginner program.

To hear Cornwell tell it, seeing the rookies cross the finish line was one of her most inspiring moments as a runner. “It just brought tears to your eyes,” she said.

I didn’t make it to the Pub Runners’ Ugly Sweater Run the other night – Colleen had her fifth-grade Christmas program – but I hope to join them for a run one of these days.

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2 Responses to 3 streakers who make me feel like a slacker

  1. tischcaylor says:

    Not sure why column isn’t posted online yet. I’ll link to it when they get it up.

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