A kid’s point of view: Running into a basketball championship

My run streak is still going strong! Only 6 more days!! I am just doing it until Christmas because that’s what mom told me at first and that’s what I agreed to.

colleenLast night me and mom went running in Ossian and could not believe how warm it was. Sometimes it’s been so cold we wore coats on a run, but last night we probably could’ve worn shorts! That is saying something since mom is such a weather weenie =)

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, I had tourney basketball games. Both times we won, taking the championship by a mile. But Tuesday’s game was close. My coach even got a  technical foul called on him! We still beat Shock, though. (all the 5th/6th grade girls teams are WNBA teams: Silver Stars, Shock, Storm, Fever, and Dream)  The championship was a lot closer than before. In fact, at one point we were even trailing! In the 3rd quarter, number 8 for the Dream fouled out. Since she was a really good player, our score took off after that.

I’m going to miss basketball, but now I will start working on softball. (I’m going to switch over from baseball this year).

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