A kid’s point of view: Runners World holiday run streak

In eight days I have run 11 miles. How is that possible? The Runners World Holiday Run Streak. I know that mom has been updating you, but I will give my opinion.

colleenMost of the time, especially on outdoor runs, I like the run streak. Sometimes, I just barely get it in before midnight. On the runs that I don’t like, like when I just need to hurry up and do it on the treadmill or something, then I always end up thinking about all the runs I have to do yet this month: Tomorrow’s mile and the mile after that, mile after mile after mile. But then when I’m done I cut another link off my paper holiday chain, and I am glad I did it.

The majority of runs are awesome. A lot of times they have a special holiday theme, or are some kind of run that is different from the kind we would usually do. I haven’t run much outside in the winter before. My favorite run so far was the Christmas lights run. It was fun to run through the little park where the lights are.

I am glad I am doing this, even though sometimes I hate it, because if I wasn’t doing the run streak then I probably would hardly ever run during the holidays. And there is holiday food like everywhere I go!

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