Road block

Traci and I were planning a 10-miler on Tuesday, until we came to the sign that said “Park closed.” Just like that, our 10-miler turned into a 4.

How does that happen? It wouldn’t have been that hard to come up with a different route. I guess we’re so set in our ways, and so often pressed for time (especially with the holidays approaching), that it doesn’t take much to derail us. Without a race to train for, neither one of us felt too bad about settling for less. We turned around and went back the way we came, grateful for a little cushion in a typically overscheduled day.

The up side, of course, is that any run at all (of at least a mile) keeps the Holiday Run Streak going. Yes, I could’ve been looking at 20 miles in six days instead of only 14, but it’s hard to get too down because there’s always tomorrow.

For the record, Colleen’s total is 10 miles in six days. (I expect she’s mostly aiming for a mile a day, with the exception of the Galloping Gobbler and any other holiday races that might pop up.)

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