Christmas lights run

runstreaklights2What better way to celebrate Cyber Monday than to go for a small town Christmas lights run, followed by some small-town Christmas shopping?

Colleen strikes a pose next to the "ice skaters."

Colleen strikes a pose next to the “ice skaters.”

Well, OK, Colleen toted her fistful of dollar bills to Walgreen’s rather than a local drug store or “dime store,” but there isn’t really a local store anymore that has the kind of gifts she was shopping for. (Writing this makes me realize it’s ridiculous to think I’m making some kind of statement by bypassing Wal-Mart for Walgreen’s, when really it’s just a convenience issue — preferring a small store over a big one because you can get in and out faster.)

The point is, we had fun running past the Christmas lights, and then she had fun picking out a couple of sibling gifts that this year she bought with her own money for the very first time.

Meanwhile, the Holiday Run Streak is 5 days old. Guess we ought to start tracking our mileage or something. (And next time we do a Christmas lights run we need to get a few more people involved.)


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