Gobble gobble


Our headgear for the Galloping Gobbler.

This is going to sound trite (and surely it is), but one of the things I’m thankful for this year is that I’ve never had to roast a bird. Which is a backhanded way of saying I’m grateful for the legions of relatives who live nearby.

It’s not so much that I’d mind hosting a meal today, but I love the way the emerging focus in our immediate family is on a fun, fitness-based tradition that has more and more of us running or walking in a local version of a Thanksgiving parade rather than watching one on TV.

Ben and Colleen have been castigating me for not ordering a pumpkin pie slice hat to go with their Galloping Gobbler headgear. (His is a roast turkey, but since she’s a vegetarian, we decided hers should be a living-style bird, complete with tail feathers and a Pilgrim hat.) I’m more of a maker than a buyer myself,  so I looked around online for some turkey hat patterns. Then I realized I’m not that enthralled with wearing either a turkey or a slice of pumpkin pie on my head for this race. My favorite Thanksgiving foods are pecan pie and Aunt Jenny’s sweet potatoes,  neither of which strike me as hat-worthy. So I decided I’ll go as an Indian chief instead, wearing an Indian headdress I got as a kid on a family trip to Arkansas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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