Time to break out the infinite pie slice

This is how I would've arranged last year's Thanksgiving dessert, if I'd thought of it in time.

This is how I would’ve arranged last year’s Thanksgiving dessert, if I’d thought of it in time.

I’ve been trying to decide whether to break out the infinite pie slice for Thanksgiving. Over the past year or so I’ve gotten away from some of those disciplinary diet tools on holidays and just enjoyed the day, figuring I’d make up for my transgressions afterward.

The problem is that I’ve gotten into this pattern where I eat whatever I feel like the first week after my monthly Weight Watchers weigh-in, put on a few pounds, spend a couple of weeks eating more normally but not trying exceptionally hard to restrain myself, then spend a week in urgent diet mode.

Technically, this pattern works out perfectly this month in that weigh-in came three days before Thanksgiving. But I’m getting really tired of this deadline dieting; this week I was cutting it just a bit too close. (I made it, but just barely.)

So I think I probably will use the infinite pie slice on Thursday. The relatives we’re visiting have four kids, all of whom typically make a different kind of pie. I’m terrible at choosing, and I don’t really want to have 3-4 slices, even small ones. So it should be fun to fill up my plate with bite-sized pieces of whatever looks good.

(I might also try wearing a snugly buckled belt, to see if that discourages overloading. I want to enjoy myself, but no sense in going overboard, as I’m inclined to do.)

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