A kid’s point of view: A fun hat for a fun race

turkey hat
By Colleen, age 11

turkeyhatNext Thursday I am running in the Galloping Gobbler. Mom and Ben said it was really fun, but I still made a deal with mom that I would not sign up until she ordered me a turkey hat! This is the kind she got me. Pretty sweet, huh?

I am purely excited and not nervous at all, even though it’s my longest race yet: 4 miles. I know I can do it, and if I have to walk, I will do 5minutes running, 1 minute walking. I am so pumped, I can hardly wait! This probably will be one of the most fantasticly awesome races I ever will run! Thursday is really taking its time to get here. AHHHHH it needs to come. (So does my turkey hat. We got it from Amazon on Monday. I hope it comes soon!)

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1 Response to A kid’s point of view: A fun hat for a fun race

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Love the enthusiasm, welcome to the club! Keep it up.

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