A run that makes us think about swimming


Not such great times for just a 4-miler. On the up side, we thought we were going slower than this… who knew?

So it turns out the state park was closed for a deer hunt, and we didn’t have as much time as we hoped anyway, so Traci and I settled for a 4-miler yesterday.

The good news: Her knee wasn’t bothering her much. But now she feels like she’s got shin splints and her hip was hurting. So maybe this is a good time for us to cut back on running together and start swimming once in a while.

We’ll probably still aim to do one of those 10-mile run/walk patterns every week — they’ve just really grown on us. And we’ll probably do some trails, since those are so much easier on Traci’s joints. And I’ve got to start psyching Colleen up for the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak, starting with the Galloping Gobbler.

Hmm…. so maybe we won’t be cutting back as much as we thought. Definitely want to add some swimming, though. 🙂


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3 Responses to A run that makes us think about swimming

  1. Well, I like anything that involves more swimming but I’m sorry its due to shin splints and a sore hip!!! Luckily the water is very forgiving. I hope it helps!

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