Construction and the ‘car habit’


Why does it take a closed street to get me to walk 3 blocks to the bread store?

I always think I’m going to walk to any downtown after-work errands, but I rarely do because I’m always in a hurry. (It’s not that I mind walking to the library or wherever, but I hate the idea of walking back to the office afterward to get the car because it takes me in the opposite direction of home and adds even more time to my commute.)

Monday it took a literal roadblock to get me to walk the three blocks to the bread store, then back again. The street in between the newspaper building and the Aunt Millie’s bakery building was all torn up and closed to traffic, but there was nothing to stop a pedestrian from getting through. For once I even remembered to bring my own bag, so I was feeling like quite the environmentalist.

Now the question is, will I take this opportunity to form a new habit – or will I go back to my old ways once this construction job is complete?

Speaking of roadblocks: Traci and I ran into a scheduling snag and didn’t run together yesterday after all. We’re going to try to wedge a 10-miler in today instead.

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