Is this what they call a reverse taper?

So I went from 65 miles last week to less than 5 this week. Four and a half, to be exact.

After Saturday’s 50-mile run/walk, I wanted to give my legs a rest and my mysterious swollen ankle some recovery time. I did accompany Colleen to the Y three days in a row, but I stayed off the treadmill and even the elliptical and just did some easy pedaling on the bikes.

On Friday I jogged an easy 1.25 mile lap at the Ossian trail, and that felt fine, so on Saturday I did it again, only faster. And that felt even better.  Then on Sunday I snuck in a quick 2-miler before a blitzkrieg of busy-ness (not to mention ferocious storms). I continue to have a little something going on in my lower right leg, as I did leading up to the 50, but it doesn’t seem very serious. Most importantly, my ankle felt fine. (I do have a purple toenail, for some reason, but it doesn’t hurt or anything.)

So this week I plan to get back to regular running, which includes meeting Traci today for her first run since the 50. Her knee’s still sore (though she can at least straighten it now), so we may have to take it easy and see how it goes.

*That wasn’t my highest mileage week ever — we did 70 in seven days in 2011 — but this was my lowest mileage week since a pinched nerve forced me to take some time off a couple of years ago.

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