How to eat 2 honey balls (instead of 10)

Wouldn’t it be sweet if recipes came with instructions on how to avoid overeating those tasty treats you’re whipping up?


I had 1-2 of these every pit stop during our 50-mile run/walk.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for honey balls, my primary source of fuel during Saturday’s 50-mile run/walk. What I failed to mention is how nervous I was prior to making them, because I have a TERRIBLE track record of eating at least half the batch in the process.

Consequently, I put it off until Saturday morning, when I would be more focused on honey ball survival. Then I decided I could eat the very first honey ball, along with  whatever residue I could scrape off the bowl afterward (the equivalent of a second honey ball).

This worked really well, because making these is kind of a sticky process, but I was able to churn those suckers out much more quickly than usual because I couldn’t wait to get to my “second honey ball.”

After that, it was easy to stay out of them because I knew I would appreciate them so much more during our refueling stops (which at that point were only a couple of hours away.)

It remains to be seen whether this technique works as well without a deadline. Then again, maybe I’ll try to only make them when a deadline is looming, even if it’s nothing more pressing than filling the kids’ lunch boxes. (And maybe I’ll cut the recipe in half if necessary, so that I only make two more than I need.)

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