A kid’s point of view: Making a candy locker deposit

By Colleen, age 11

I think the candy locker is really useful. My Halloween candy would be gone already if I hadn’t put more than half of it in the candy locker. I did not keep the things I really loved with me, knowing they would not last.

colleenI was too sick to go along, so I gave my candy to Mom to make a delivery. We hadn’t opened the locker for a long time, and Mom found some Reese eggs in there she didn’t even remember! She brought me one since I was sick.

That is the power of saving things in the candy locker. Mom is stashing some Snicker’s, I am pretty sure. I think anyone who does not want to eat all their candy should use a candy locker of some kind. It just works! I am so glad we use it!

NOTE: Yesterday I got a goldfish!!!!!!! His name is Silas.

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