A great way to burn calories on a rest day


Bob had fun shooting some leaf raking pics to go with my newspaper column next week.

I know I need to rest my legs between now and Saturday’s 90-miler, and probably just take it easy in general. But for an enthusiastic eater like me who’s always focused on the calorie burn du jour, it’s frustrating to skip a workout — cause I know I’m probably not going to skip a meal or snack unless I‘ve got a weigh-in coming up.

Yesterday would’ve been a great time to get in a long overdue swim for an upper body workout, but my usual pool isn’t open on Wednesdays. Maybe that worked out for the best, though, because we do have a yard full of leaves to be raked.

According to most estimates, you burn about 1 calorie per pound of body weight for every half hour spent raking leaves. I put in about an hour’s worth of work yesterday, which didn‘t put a huge dent in our leaf supply. But I did get a great upper body workout, burning calories without burning any gas driving to the pool.

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