Last run before 90-miler

Yesterday was our last run/walk before Saturday’s 90-miler. We were going to do our usual 10-mile pattern — run 3 miles, walk 2, run 2, walk 1, run 1, walk 1. But Dad had called us both ahead of time to warn us about not overdoing it, and either because we had his fretting in our heads or because we genuinely had tired legs — it was hard to know for sure — we decided to walk the rest of the way after the opening 3-miler.

shoeinserts2It was drizzling, so I wore my revived Kinvara 2s again. I wanted to try the new insoles in my slightly less beat-up Kinvara 3s, but they wouldn’t fit for some reason. Same model of shoe, same size, but one’s slightly shorter than the other. Go figure.

On this second test run, I was no longer deluded into feeling like I had new shoes on. They felt decent, much better than with the old insoles, but this time I was more aware of my toes poking through the holes in the uppers.

I’m still not sure whether the Newtons make it off the bench for Saturday’s run. I’ve been getting used to them, but probably not enough. Over the next few days I’m going to try the new insoles in various pairs of shoes around the house. The girls and I all wear basically the same size, and there’s a couple of pairs of late-model Asics floating around, so we’ll see if there are any possibilities there.

Traci got a new pair of sharp-looking Brooks over the weekend to add to the shoe pool as well. At this point, I’m thinking that a dozen pairs of socks, a big box of Band-aids and a roll of duct tape are maybe just as important as which shoes we’re wearing.

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