newton1What am I doing in a pair of Newtons? These are way outside my price range, and enough of an engineering enigma to probably be a poor choice for somebody who only buys one new pair of running shoes a year. (Fifteen months this time, actually.)


Newton’s funky “action/reaction technology” sole supposedly encourages you to land on the ball of your foot rather than the heel.

But when I saw a table of these $175 shoes marked down to $95 outside Human Motor Works, I couldn’t resist at least trying them on. They didn’t feel as weird as you might think, given those lugs protruding from the midfoot sole. So … even though I probably should’ve gotten a nice safe pair of shoes before our 90-mile run/walk, I pulled the trigger.

The instructions say you should get used to them gradually, 1-2 miles at a time over a couple of weeks or so. I took them out for a mile test run Sunday and they felt great. Granted, this may be because I was running on sproingy padding for the first time in months. Still, this mysterious twinge that’s been flickering in my lower leg didn’t make a peep.

So now I’m tempted to try them on one loop of today’s planned 20-mile run/walk. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Newtons!

  1. Good luck. I remember first trying my Vibrams on a longer run and the tightens in my calves that followed. But you quickly get used to it and are flying along. Can’t wait to hear how these babies do for you.

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