A kid’s point of view: My longest run ever!

By Colleen, age 11

I can’t believe I ran an entire 5K without stopping!

colleenAs you know, me and Mom ran the Trailblazer 5K on Sunday. I didn’t know if I could run the whole thing or not, so I figured I would run as far as I could and then walk if I had to.

Mom did some false advertising by saying, “Oh, it’s completely flat so it should be fairly easy.” But there were hills, even some kind of big ones! I thought about walking but I didn’t want to. Mom said to lean forward and take small steps and I did. 

By the time we turned onto the last part I could see the end but it seemed really far away. That was the hardest part. I just kept saying to myself, “Do you want to run a whole 5K? Then keep running!”

So I did. In fact I sped up as much as I could at the end. “I kept thinking, ‘My PR is not going to know what hit it!’ ” And I did get a PR by more than 8 minutes. We finished just a few seconds over 50 minutes. Next time I’m going for 45 minutes!

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2 Responses to A kid’s point of view: My longest run ever!

  1. Colleen, this article is awesome! Congratulations on your success in this race! My son Brandon is 10 and ran a 5k a few weeks ago, he wrote about his on our blog. I believe you will beat 45 minutes next race, but 50 minutes is an excellent time for your 1st!

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