Loco moco

loco1According to Colleen’s dinner table report, Loco Moco is a traditional Hawaiian comfort food that became popular around World War 2. Made with a burger served over rice and topped with an egg and gravy, it’s obviously not traditional as in what the natives would eat, but in more of a white bread American diner food kind of way.

Apparently, according to Colleen and whatever website she consulted, the name comes from a beach football player who was called “Loco” because of his crazy moves.

For this batch, we used leftover jambalaya for the beans and rice base and a packaged pepper gravy mix that isn’t too deadly if you don’t overdo it. The family carnivores had sausage patties instead of burgers, while Colleen and I heated up veggie burgers for ours.

The first time we made this I baked it in a casserole dish, letting the eggs cook right on top of the burgers. But I think I like just frying up a pan of eggs, using up whatever leftovers are lying around and letting everyone assemble their version as they see fit. Love the name, though!



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