90-mile strategy starts to take shape

Traci and I initially figured we’d include most of Oubache State Park in our 90-mile quest on Nov. 9, but after Tuesday’s training session — an easy 10 mile run/walk along the corridor connecting Bluffton to the park — we decided it might be easier to stick to this now familiar route for the bulk of our daylight miles.

I was too late to snap a cell phone pic of the deer -- all I got instead was our shadows!

I was too late to snap a cell phone pic of the deer — all I got instead was our shadows!

On Tuesday we ran the first 3 miles, then wove in two more 1-mile runs at what felt like natural intervals. Though our initial run was too fast, the pattern itself felt like a keeper for our first 10-mile lap. On subsequent laps, we’ll likely run only 1-2 miles at a time, ideally in prearranged patterns so we don’t burn up any mental energy deciding when we’re going to run and when we’re going to walk.

Another improvement: Finding a jogging pace and walking pace that feels comfortable and sustainable and are easy to switch in and out of. (In fact, if you look at the splits below, it turns out that we walked mile 6 only 27 seconds slower than we jogged mile 9.) On last week’s 13-mile run/walk, we walked too fast and took too long of strides and our legs felt stiff when we switched back to running.

Our average pace Tuesday was 12:34 a mile over 10.43 miles — about what we would’ve done jogging the whole thing during our first 10-milers in the fall of 2010.

For the record, here were our mile splits:

1. 10:10 (jog)

2.  9:34 (jog)

3. 9:33 (jog)

4. 13:20

5. 15:18

6. 13:16

7. 11:03 (jog)

8. 14:36

9. 12:49 (jog)

10. 14:17

I must confess I’m not sure how that extra .43 mile fits into those numbers. These come from Traci’s phone app., and this is all I got jotted down after the run.

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