You won’t hear the song ‘YMCA’ at this YMCA

ymcaradio2We were really busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the beautiful weather for a workout, so Colleen and I went to the Y after dark.

Colleen was hammering away at the elliptical in time to some rollicking honky tonk song. “Hey, this is my favorite station!” she said with a grin. (I don’t know why, but at least half my kids are absolutely enthralled with country music.)

I hope she enjoyed hearing that, because she won’t in the future. As of Friday, our local Y is switching over to Christian radio stations only in its workout room.

The lengthy policy statement posted on the wall listed all sorts of reasoning for the switch, ranging from the desire to be more in tune with the organization’s Christian principles and emphasis on “healthy lives” to wanting to avoid disagreements over station selection in the weight room. There was even some vague reference as to how this will somehow be helpful when the new building eventually opens and membership presumably expands, though I must admit I need the dots connected on that one.

Ultimately, those who disagree are encouraged to bring their Ipods and listen to whatever they like, which is probably what most people do anyway.

Cavewoman that I am, I still haven’t figured out how to work an mp3 player I got for Christmas. My personal preference would be radio silence, because nobody likes the same kind of music or commentary these days anyway. It’s irritating to be forced to listen to some yammering DJ and especially the constant stream of ads. (Does Christian radio have ads? I must admit I‘ve absolutely no idea on that one.)

At any rate, maybe the silver lining here is that I’ll finally figure out how to use my imitation Ipod.

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