A kid’s point of view: Birthday week fun

By Colleen, age 11

What an awesome birthday week! Soccer playoffs, basketball, a fun field trip, awesome presents AND I got to go visit my sister at college!

colleenI turned 11 on Wednesday, which is when the fifth grade went on a field trip to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. That was pretty amazing. There were tigers, bears, lions and tons more animals. I’ve never been that close to a tiger or a wolf before.

I also got cool birthday presents: Sweet new basketball shoes and a glow in the dark ultimate Frisbee! My other present was getting to go visit my big sister Rowan at Manchester University. Her birthday was Monday. Luckily Manchester is only about an hour away.

Both my soccer games this week were real nail biters. In the first one it was 0-0 most of the game, then we scored toward the end and wound up winning 2-1. I played THE WHOLE GAME except right at the end after the win was pretty much guaranteed. In last night’s game we were playing a team we’d never beat, but we played them to a tie and had to go into sudden death. We wound up losing 1-0 but we played really hard. It’s sad that soccer’s over but at least basketball is starting up.


This is the yellow team we played on Tuesday. You can tell that I really want the ball.

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