Baked peanut butter and honey ‘French toast loaf’



This was an experiment based on an experiment. At work the other day I was editing a recipe by Associated Press food writer J.M. Hirsch for a “savory French toast loaf,” built around a loaf of bread cut into three horizontal slices. He flavored his with ham and cheese. We opted for peanut butter and honey.

We cut our loaf into three lengthwise stackable slices, spread each of the bottom two layers with peanut butter and honey, then drizzled a typical french toast beaten egg-milk-cinnamon mixture over each layer. (I would have liked to have added sliced banana to each layer, but was vetoed.)

On the top, we just drizzled the egg-milk mixture and then added honey. Then we baked it at 350 degrees until it appeared to be somewhat crispy. (I don’t like to give baking times because they vary so much, and also because I rarely keep track of the time myself.)

This was pretty good — a lot better than Ben’s experimental “chili n’ cheese french toast loaf” — but we think in the future we’d bake this like a giant open-faced sandwich. 

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2 Responses to Baked peanut butter and honey ‘French toast loaf’

  1. sybaritica says:

    Shame about the banana kill-joys 🙂

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