Satisfied without Satisfries

I found myself in a Burger King the other day, seeking a restroom and hot coffee after getting soaked at Ben’s cross country meet, when I found myself wondering if I should try those new “Satisfries.”

satisfriesNah, I decided — helped along by a line so long and pokey-looking I ditched plans to grab coffee as well.

It’s been more than three years since I’ve eaten French fries, and I just don’t miss them anymore. Not enough to risk reviving a powerful old craving, and certainly not enough to try a commercially hyped substitute. (Do you suppose people actually say, “Um, yes, I’ll have the Satisfries, please.”? There’s no way I could say that with a straight face.)

So anyway, if I get the urge for potatoes, I’ll do what I always do: Bake one.

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