An old habit resurfaces — with a new twist

I thought I’d conquered the pesky habit of nibbling on my kids’ leftover food years ago. After a fairly laborious retraining process, abandoned French fries and chicken nuggets no longer held much appeal.

But now that my kids are eating healthier, the stuff they leave behind is tougher to turn down – especially now that our 10-year-old has turned the tables on my old habit of using the kids as a quick, easy way to dispose of overly tempting food.

“Want this?” Colleen will say, shoving a still warm baked potato or cheese omelet under my nose.

The first few times this happened, I accepted without much agonizing involved. After all, this was usually fairly healthy fare. And because healthier food is often more expensive, it ramps up my innate desire to avoid wasting food.

Trouble is, extra calories are extra calories, no matter how “healthy” they may be. In this week’s News-Sentinel column, I revisit my approach for breaking this old habit. And in the meantime, I’ve come to realize that Colleen isn’t trying to sabotage me. When she asks if I want something she’s done with, she’s not just being generous but is telling herself that she’s through.

Knowing that’s what’s going on should make it easier for me to abstain as well.

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