Evolving strawberry ‘green cheese’ turtles

turtle4You start out with three pecans arranged just so, as if you were making up conventional caramel-chocolate turtles…

turtle3Last time around, I subbed in melted mozzarella for the caramel and a spinach leaf for the chocolate. I liked my original “green cheese turtles,” but the kids weren’t sold. This time I thought cream cheese might be easier, though I think half an ounce per turtle was too much. A tablespoon would’ve been plenty…

turtle2The strawberry was the obvious selling point…

turtle1And finally, the spinach “shell” goes on top. I thought these were an interesting twist on spinach salad. But the kids said they’d be more likely to eat them if we eliminate Step 4 and just make the strawberry half act as the shell. So we’ll give that a try next time around…

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