Candy locker makes Family Fun magazine

candylockerpicI figured one of the fun side effects of Cassie getting braces last week was that we could amuse ourselves in the waiting room by taking a peek at the current issue of Family Fun magazine, which includes an article on our family’s “candy locker.”

familyfuncoverCassie did, predictably, enjoy getting new braces. But the magazine was mysteriously missing from its usual spot in the waiting room — I’ve been browsing through it for years while waiting on Ben, who just recently got his braces removed — and it wasn’t until yesterday that I got around to picking up a copy for myself.

It is both strange and amusing to see even a postage stamp-sized photo of your family in a national magazine, knowing that behind those cheesy grins Ben and Colleen are bickering with each other as usual. 


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2 Responses to Candy locker makes Family Fun magazine

  1. lesemann says:

    Tanya – Congratulations! that’s so cool! Amy

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