A kid’s point of view: Meal bars

By Colleen, age 10

During my ongoing Slim-Fast experiment, I have had quite a lot of different meal bars; in doing so I have developed a distinct opinion about each one:

1. Special K strawberry protein meal bar. This one is my favorite because it is very filling, tastes really good, and it does not seem artificial.

colleen2. Body Fortress peanut butter caramel. This bar is a little harder to chew, but it’s filling and CARAMEL!

3. Slendesta Full Bar double chocolate. This was a new one I tried on Wednesday. It was really big, the biggest I have ever had. It was pretty filling, although the taste could be better.

4. Mom’s PB&J cookies. Guess this doesn’t really count as a meal bar, but I have used mom pb&j cookies sometimes in place of a meal bar. They are very hearty and filling. Not to mention how tasty they are!
5. Slim-Fast cookie dough meal bar. This is my favorite Slim-Fast bar. It is soft, which is good. But it leaves a weird aftertaste.
6. Slim-Fast fruit & yogurt trail mix meal bar. This is really gross, not filling, and it tastes like it is just chemicals

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