Frying up home-canned pickles

friedpickles2What to do with a salty batch of home-canned pickles? Fry them, of course. Fried foods always taste kind of salty anyway, right?

I never even heard of fried pickles until Brent and Darcy mentioned they’d fried some up a while back. They swore they were tasty, and it seemed like an interesting thing to try — though if it had been up to just me, I would’ve used cooking spray.

friedpicklesBen insisted we plop these in about half an inch of olive oil, so I let him do a pan like that while I did a lighter version. It seemed like more and more of the pickles were landing in the oil, though. In the end, that’s mostly what we wound up with.

We whisked an egg in some milk for the liquid “pickle bath,” then dredged them in a small bowl of corn meal for the coating.

Were they good?

Well … yes, actually. Kind of the texture of fried zucchini, only with a twang.

In general, after putting all that work into pickle canning, I’d rather just serve our specimens in all their glory. But this is a good way to salvage a troubled batch, and it’s an oddball twist to add to a meal.


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