A kids’ point of view: Victory!!!

colleenBy Colleen, age 10

So you know already that I won the family weight loss contest. Slim Fast helped a lot. Even though my total loss was not very much (6.4 pounds in five weeks) I’m happy with what I lost. The $15 was nice, and so were my strawberry waffle and hash browns at Indiana Pancake House!

I was surprised when I heard that I won. I thought Grandpa or Ben might catch me. I’m nowhere close to done, but with me running better, my eating under control, and the best trainer in the world, I’m on my way!

( NOTE: after I wrote this, I had a soccer game and scored a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually I play mostly defense, but tonight was a pretty good night! We won 3-0.)

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1 Response to A kids’ point of view: Victory!!!

  1. Gpa says:

    Great job, Colleen! You are on a roll. Keep it up.

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